Popstar Benny - University!

Popstar Benny - University!

RELEASED 01.27.2023


Digital Album

TRACKLIST1. Snow Boots On (feat. Bear1Boss)
2. Heavenly (feat. Princesa 28)
3. Kno Where 2 Start (feat. Moneyyshawn)
4. Sore Loser (feat. 3AG Pilot)
5. King of the Hill (feat. DavidTheTragic, Tony Shhnow)
6. Wildboy (feat. 4pooch)
7. feelbadcorps (feat. Moh Baretta)
8. Pack After Pack (feat. Tony Shhnow)
9. Call Me! (feat. Jae Zakya)
10. omg (feat. Sk8star)
11. The Freestyle (feat. Bear1Boss, Duwap Kaine)
12. Duck Unlimited (feat. Bear1Boss, Nolanberollin)
13. Club Spook (feat. $pook)
14. Wholesome Dreams (feat. burgun4y!, MuddyMya, Jelani Imani)
15. Cold Blood (feat. Loso Hendrixx)
16. All The Girls <3 (feat. Tony Shhnow)
17. Porch (feat. Bear1Boss, Tennisboywill)
18. flash! (feat. Xhulooo, sgpwes)
19. Glick (feat. GUN40)
20. Moscato (feat. Bear1Boss)