• Chynna

    A frequently low-volume and deceptively lackadaisical approach to the mike belies the considered wordplay and melodicism of rapper Chynna Rogers. Encouraged by A$AP Yams, the West Philadelphian quickly progressed from SoundCloud uploads to an affiliation with 300 Entertainment. Rogers was signed to Ford Models at the age of 14, around the time she ingratiated herself with A$AP Mob. She intended to pursue the A&R side of the music business, but the crew's A$AP Yams motivated her to become a recording artist. Amid a flurry of SoundCloud uploads, her earliest work to see commercial release was the single "Glen Coco" (2014), issued through A$AP Ant and DJ Nick's Marino Gang label. Subsequent self-issued material included the six-track EPs I'm Not Here. This Isn't Happening. (2015) and Ninety (2016). The first was titled after a Radiohead lyric, while the grim latter, which arrived on her 22nd birthday with Blue Öyster Cult-referencing artwork, was titled after the number of days she had been sober in the wake of opiate dependency. With higher-profile support via 300 Entertainment, Chynna followed up with a shorter EP, the four-track Music 2 Die 2 (2017), inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. The single "$ (Dough)" and an official release of I'm Not Here. This Isn't Happening. (both 2018) followed shortly thereafter.

  • Florentino

    Florentino is a Colombian DJ residing in Manchester. Initially gaining exposure through his work with the Swing Ting crew, the Manchester based producer makes music thats a sonic reflection of his heritage by combining the sounds of latin rhythms & UK low end dance music. His sets are a mixture of concepts that are ideal for the big stage; with others that move unswervingly towards ‘feeling’ and Latin heat. Florentino has brought flirting back to the dance floor.

  • Lauren Crowns & Owls press pic 3 copy

    Lauren Auder

    London-based Lauren Auder is a 21 year old singer who’s baroquely orchestrated pop songs implore a Classical lens to contemporary themes of millennial discontent via Christian allegory and pagan symbolism. Christian allegory intermingles with topics of millennial despondency, interpersonal relationships and identity. Fusing the classical with the post-rock and popular song structure, Auder paints vivid musical portraits situated in a novel medium between Lorde and the Divine Comedy.

    Growing up in Albi, a Southwestern French town built around the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Cecilia, Lauren found community online, becoming involved with a vibrant underground community of rappers and noise musicians that included a teenage slowthai, Oklou and Lord Pusswhip. Honing an early musical craft, Lauren began lending experimental beats and spectral vocals to songs by artists such as Jeshi and slowthai. The resultant interpretations of hip-hop, post-rock and noise gave rise to the expansive sonic palette of Lauren’s debut EP Who Carry’s You, a deeply intimate, classically endowed five track suite that owes equally to Scott Walker, Lana Del Rey, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and DJ Shadow.

  • mmph

    Seoul born producer MMPH (aka Sae Heum Han) released his debut EP ‘Dear God’ in 2018. FACT Magazine named it one of their top 25 albums of the year. Han’s ability to conjure a seemingly contradictory series of influences into bespoken universes places him alongside sonic puzzle makers like Oneohtrix Point Never, Nicolas Jaar, Arca and Caribou.

    Classically trained since childhood, Han first came to Boston to study Cello performance at Berklee College of Music before turning his concentration towards Electronic Production & Design and starting his project as MMPH. Finishing his last years at Berklee, Han is currently working on his follow up to “Dear God” as well as production and co-writes for several artists.

    His second EP 'Serenade' came out in September 2018.

  • Kelvin Krash

    Kelvin Krash was born and is based in North London. KRASH has selectively produced for a handful of rappers including A$AP Rocky (Buckshot$, Black Tux) and Playboi Carti as well as collaborations with the Places + Faces crew. His work with Kasien marks his first production efforts with an artist hailing from the United Kingdom. While completing K2, Krash spent a chunk of last year on tour with A$AP Rocky, who has adopted him as a key collaborator on future music and visuals.